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Guides Title Part Numbers: TRD Strut Support Assembly
Name image Crzy Joe
Strut Support Assembly

Replaces the stock rubber McPhearson strut mount in engine compartment with a highdurometer (stiffer) TRD-designed unit. Prevents strut from moving under cornering forces to maintain proper alignment geometry.

Application Part No.
Corolla, 85-87, right side 48603-AE851
Corolla, 85-87, left side 48609-AE851
Corolla, 88-89, 2 required 48609-AE951
MR2, 85-89, 2 required 48609-AW151
Celica, 86-89, 2 required 48609-ST651
AllTrac, 88-89, 2 required 48609-ST651

!!!Please note some parts may no longer be in production!!!